Blastrac creates eco-friendly surface preparation solutions for several industries. This means that our strong R&D department is continuously looking for innovations that have the lowest environmental impact possible. We are committed to measuring, monitoring and constantly improving our environmental performance. By looking at the future and the laws & regulations in different industries and countries, we make adjustments to our technologies or we design completely new machines.

All Blastrac technologies are purely mechanical and therefore very clean. None of our technologies create air pollution, use chemical substances or waste valuable drinking water. With all our equipment you are also able to work dust-free, meaning that each machine can be connected to a Blastrac dust collector which will collect all the dust and other small hazardous particles that are released during the surface preparation process. This creates a safe working environment!

The Blastrac Code of Ethics

Being a company that focuses on sustainability we do not only look at the impact of our machines on the environment. We also look at:

When designing our technologies we make sure that we protect the health and safety of the operator on the jobsite and individuals in the surrounding area.

Blastrac has many sales & service centres worldwide, employing 450 people. Being such a big company, we know that we also have a big responsibility when it comes to reducing our own environmental impact.

Choosing Blastrac Means Choosing a Sustainable Future

For this reason we have created a special ‚green technology‘ logo. Every Blastrac machine that meets our strict criteria will carry a sticker with this logo on it, reminding you that you are working with green technology from Blastrac.

Contact your region’s Blastrac sales & service centre for more information about our technologies, the environmental impact of a specific machine or the commitment of Blastrac to creating a sustainable future.