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Blastrac Star discs

For soft and hard floors

Depending on the type of floor you have to grind, there is always a suitable Blastrac tool.

Blastrac has created a unique colour coded system specially designed so you know which tool to use depending on the hardness of the surface.

The tools listed below are designed to be fitted on Blastrac BGS-250 & BG-250 single-disc grinders. Thanks to their specific design, they have improved grinding performance and better dust extraction. The direction of rotation is very important when you use these tools.

  • Star discs
  • BG707116
  • BG707117
  • BG707114

Star grinding discs

An overview of the Ø250mm Star grinding discs

Star grinding discs
BG70711620 diamond segmentsBlue: hard bond segments for soft floors
BG70711720 diamond segmentsGreen: medium bond segments for universal floors
BG70711820 diamond segmentsRed: soft bond segments for hard floors
BG707114-1/BLACK20 diamond segmentsBlack: perfect for the removal of old paints, coatings and glues

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